Double Chamber Orifice


Orifice Dual Chambers are a speciality measure master product of Flow Metering Company. FMC Dual Chambers are manufactured to offer the ultimate in safety, measurement accuracy, simplicity of operation and economy. FMC Dual Chambers are designed to provide regularly scheduled orifice plate inspections without interrupting the flow of product. FMC Dual Chamber fittings ensure fast and efficient removal and replacement of the office plate, without shutting the line down and physically removing the meter from the line: with the unique “Dry Seal Valve”, positive chamber sealing is accomplished with an eccentric precision compressed O-ring seat valve. Grease or lubrication of any kind is not required. No springs or slide valves are used that can break or wear causing damage to sealing surfaces.


Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex (other material available on application)

Applications: Download the brochure
Dimensions: Line Size: 2’’ to 48’’ (larger line size available on application)


Download the brochure



  • 150# to 2500# (higher pressure available on application)


Differential Pressure Tap Type

  • NPT, Flanged, Valve