Flow Conditioners


The Flow Conditioner is a device that improves the fluid velocity profile across the flow section. This device is typically applied when pipe straight length requirements cannot be satisfied. This often happens when, due to layout constraints, it is not possible to install a flow meter in a straight portion of pipe suitable to obtain acceptable metering conditions. With this device it is possible to have the best fluid velocity profile, even if the pipe straight length is less than the minimum prescribed by the code. On the other hand, the introduction of a flow conditioners introduces additional permanent pressure losses that shall be verified against process constraints.

Flow Calculation:

Permanent Pressure Loss introduced by Flow Conditioners:
Tube Bundle flow Straightener: k=0.75 / Gallagher Flow Conditioner: k=2 (approx.)
K-Lab Nova Perforated Plate Flow Conditioner: k=2 / Spearman Perforated Plate
Flow Conditioner: k=3.2 / Sprenkle Flow Conditioner: k=11÷14 / Zanker Flow Conditioner: k=3


As per Customer’s requirements / Main material Reference : ASTM-ASME Code

Type and Construction:

The Tube Bundle flow Straightener / The Gallagher Flow Conditioner / Perforated Plate Flow
Conditioner (K-Lab Nova / Spearman) / Sprenkle Flow Conditioner / Zanker Flow Conditioner

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations
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Flow conditioner can reduce upstream pipe straight length requirements to a half of what prescribed by ISO 5167-1


Flow Conditioners can be supplied alone or included in meter run section as an accessory of flow meter device