Multiport Averaging Pitot Tube


The Multiport Averaging Pitot Tube (Mapflow) is a differential pressure device suitable to measure the flow rate in a closed conduit for general applications (it is a general purpose and affordable device). Normally used in big pipes with low flow velocity.

Flow Calculation:

Threaded Coupling / Flanged Nozzle


As per Customer’s requirements / Main material References: ASME/ASTM

Type and Construction:

Standard Model ED-20/21: Diamond Shape-Manufactured by Square Bar 20×20 mm
Standard Model ED-45/46: Diamond Shape-Manufactured by Square Bar 45×45 mm
Special Device: Diamond Shape-Manufactured by Square Bar sized with Stress and Vibrations
Analysis Results;

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations
Dimensions: Up to 100” and over
Reynolds Number Range: Over 200000


Not Applicable


  • Accuracy (referred to flow coefficient): 2÷2.5% for Standard Device; to be evaluated case by case for Special Devices
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.15%
  • Max PPL 10÷15% of full scale differential pressure


  • Flow Meters can be manufactured according to all Customer Specifications
  • Flow Meter can be supplied complete with all relevant accessories (valves / manifold / condensing pot / transmitter /fitting /tubing)