Venturi Tubes


The Venturi Tube is a differential pressure device suitable to measure flow rate in a closed conduit with the minimum permanent pressure loss.

Flow Calculation:

Main Reference code: ISO 5167 ASME MFC-3M / Other standards: ANSI 2630 /AGA-3/API Ch.14 (1992)/Miller-Spinks-Shell Engineering Handbook


All material requested by the customer / Material Specifications: all / Main material
Reference: ASTM-ASME Code

Type and Construction:

Manufactured by bar stock / Manufactured by welded plate / For big size and very high wall thickness Venturi Meter can also be manufactured by forging / Conical divergent angle of 7° for low loss venturi / Conical divergent angle of 15° for Classical Venturi / All types can be supplied Truncated or not Truncated / Process connections: all types / Instrument connections: all types / Venturi tube for rectangular duct.
Pressure Taps: With annular chamber (for classic/standard applications) / With piezometric ring (for light applications) / direct pressure taps (for high wall thickness and heavy

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations
Dimensions: Venturi by bar stock: 2”-10” / Venturi by welded plate: up to 48” (and above, where acceptable by the Customer) / Venturi by forging: all dimensions
Beta Ratio: Venturi by bar stock: 0.4÷0.75 / Venturi by welded plate: 0.4÷0.7 / Venturi By Forging: 0.3÷0.75
Reynolds Number Range: Venturi by bar stock: 200000÷1000000 / Venturi by welded plate: 200000÷2000000 / Venturi by forging: 200000÷2000000


Accuracy (referred to flow coefficient) after calibration in accredited lab: (+/- 0.25%)


  • Accuracy (referred to flow coefficient): as per ISO Code
  • Rangeability : 1 ÷ 4.5
  • Repeatability:(+/- 0.1%)
  • Max PPL (5-15)% of full scale differential pressure
  • Straight Lengths Requirements: as Specified In ISO 5167 International Code


  • Flow Meters can be manufactured according to all Customer Specifications
  • Flow Meter can be supplied with all suitable accessories (valves / manifold / condensing pot / transmitter / fitting /tubing)