Pressure Reduction


(Single and Multistage Restriction Orifice)

These devices are designed to reduce the fluid pressure. The table here below summarizes typical applications and calculation criteria.

Flow Calculation:

Accuracy (referred to the pressure drop): +/- 2% up to 1 1⁄2” ; +/- 1% for 2” and above)
Gas Service: multistage calculation is performed to avoid to have sound velocity in the vena
contracta section of each stage
Liquid Service: multistage calculation shall be carried out to avoid cavitation


All material requested by the customer / Material Specifications : all Main Material Reference: STM-ASME Code

Type and Construction:

Single Stage Restriction (refer to pipe taps configuration in-ISO 5167 and in Miller Engineering Handbook) Critical Restriction (typically sized according to Miller Engineering Handbook) Multistage Restriction (sized according to TM Tecnomatic certified calculation)

Type of Multistage Construction:
With body by bar stock
With body from pipe

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations