Multipoint Thermocouples Assemblies


Radial with or without Thermowell

Multipoint thermocouple assemblies obtain fast temperature readings at different levels in deep or tall vessels reactors, catalyst beds, furnaces and other applications where individual thermocouple assemblies would be too difficult or costly to install. Because of the many different conditions peculiar to each application, Multi Point Thermocouples Radial or Thermowell Type generally are custom designed. They are built with the proper number of protecting tubes with thermocouples inside, protecting tube diameter, thickness, lengths, materials, fittings, flange, extension wires, flexible conduits, supporting frame and junction boxes to suit your individual installation.


All material requested by the customer / Material Specifications : all

Type and Construction:

Type of Elements:
Radial / With Thermowell / Without Thermowell

Type Of Construction:
Manufactured according to the Customer’s requirements

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations
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Calibration according to International Standards (IEC 60751, ect.)


  • Versatility
  • Wide range of configurations
  • Accurate reading


Our temperature elements are custom designed to fit all your specific process parameters