Skin Thermocouples


These thermocouples are built in such a way to guarantee the most intimate contact with the controlled surface together with better accuracy and high speed of response. Suitable for boilers, furnaces, super heaters process tubes, heater tubes and many other applications


All material requested by the customer / Material Specifications : all

Type and Construction:

Type of Elements:
Insert or complete assemblies with different accessories ( union, nipples, pad, flanged or threaded process connection, etc.)

Type Of Construction:
Manufactured according to the Customer’s requirements

Applications: Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Industries / Power Stations
Dimensions: Download the brochure


Calibration according to International Standards (ANSI , IEC, ect.)


  • Versatility: they are the most widely used throughout industry for temperature measurements
  • Accuracy and Reproducibility: make their precious and handy tools to answer the many challenging problem encountered in modern producing processes
  • Accurate detection


Our temperature elements are custom designed to fit all your specific process parameters