It’s been a while since I could doubtless state: ‘this semester has flown by’.

But this year has been so full of everything so far, that it really did. And I don’t think I am the only one sailing in this boat of feelings, here in Terranova. How could anybody somehow complain about the approaching of the summer break? Holidays, family and friends, seaside, mountains, sports and spare time. Nop. That is just impossible. Yet, the hope within is to live the next six months of the year with the same intensity of the first six ones, and I have to train my mind to this set, for fear that this coming break could interrupt the magic flow. But I am sure we won’t let it happen.

Because the number of projects managed by the engineering team has constantly been increasing, and in June we reached our record of pre-shipment inspections in one Month. The engineering team has also achieved 3 new major type approval certificates for the Marine Market on different products, a process that will open new prospective for our upcoming exhibitions in the second half of the year. Yes, because we have in our schedule 6 new upcoming Shows for 2022, respectively in Germany, Norway, Malaysia, Brazil, Peru and UAE. We are gearing up for that.

Because we have done great efforts. Worldwide. In these last 3 months we have been approved by several important customers. Yes, several: Petrojet Egypt, Sabic Saudi Arabia, Petroleum Development Oman, Qatar Energy and Kuwait Oil Company complete 4 years renewal. The result of months (sometimes years) of efforts to reach what we even did not expect came all together, in such a short period of time. That is fuel for our brand and sales.

Nevertheless, marginality is what keep business alive, and we will have to understand in detail how these number will fit at the end of the year. One very unique year, in which the uncontrolled cost increase of raw materials and electronic components have been for the major part a crazy and mean speculation game. We’ll investigate it further on, but for now let’s just be happy of what we have achieved so far, as we have met again, after 4 long years our first semester sales budget. Half a way to go! My sincere Congratulations to all the Sales Team and our Agents Network.

So, should we be sad that all this will be paused by the coming summer holidays? I’d totally say no. We all need a break to come back stronger. But we shall not forget about the freedom we have in Terranova to meet our targets through methods and principles that we can daily share and agree together. This is a great chance we have, and the beauty of our job itself. Let us enjoy our holidays (in about 2 weeks) and recharge. We all deserve it.