Message from the CEO: Summertime Sadness?

It’s been a while since I could doubtless state: ‘this semester has flown by’.

But this year has been so full of everything so far, that it really did. And I don’t think I am the only one sailing in this boat of feelings, here in Terranova. How could anybody somehow complain about the approaching of the summer break? Holidays, family and friends, seaside, mountains, sports and spare time. Nop. That is just impossible. Yet, the hope within is to live the next six months of the year with the same intensity of the first six ones, and I have to train my mind to this set, for fear that this coming break could interrupt the magic flow. But I am sure we won’t let it happen.

Because the number of projects managed by the engineering team has constantly been increasing, and in June we reached our record of pre-shipment inspections in one Month. The engineering team has also achieved 3 new major type approval certificates for the Marine Market on different products, a process that will open new prospective for our upcoming exhibitions in the second half of the year. Yes, because we have in our schedule 6 new upcoming Shows for 2022, respectively in Germany, Norway, Malaysia, Brazil, Peru and UAE. We are gearing up for that.

Because we have done great efforts. Worldwide. In these last 3 months we have been approved by several important customers. Yes, several: Petrojet Egypt, Sabic Saudi Arabia, Petroleum Development Oman, Qatar Energy and Kuwait Oil Company complete 4 years renewal. The result of months (sometimes years) of efforts to reach what we even did not expect came all together, in such a short period of time. That is fuel for our brand and sales.

Nevertheless, marginality is what keep business alive, and we will have to understand in detail how these number will fit at the end of the year. One very unique year, in which the uncontrolled cost increase of raw materials and electronic components have been for the major part a crazy and mean speculation game. We’ll investigate it further on, but for now let’s just be happy of what we have achieved so far, as we have met again, after 4 long years our first semester sales budget. Half a way to go! My sincere Congratulations to all the Sales Team and our Agents Network.

So, should we be sad that all this will be paused by the coming summer holidays? I’d totally say no. We all need a break to come back stronger. But we shall not forget about the freedom we have in Terranova to meet our targets through methods and principles that we can daily share and agree together. This is a great chance we have, and the beauty of our job itself. Let us enjoy our holidays (in about 2 weeks) and recharge. We all deserve it.


It's our first time there, to be more precise.

A long time passed after the last in presence event, and above all, many things changed.
The world has found a way to go through the pandemic, global economic crisis, and transport issues.
Last but not least, Terranova has acquired TM Tecnomatic.

For the first time, we, as a group of companies, will be present in two leading exhibitions in the Middle East: Egyps and IPTC.

The Egypt Petroleum Show & The International Petroleum Technology Conference are the best places to meet new people, do some business, mark the path about the future of our industry, and share ideas and opinions on actual global issues.

The Oil & Gas Industry is going through a deep transformation due to the evolution of technologies and some hot themes like Global Warming & Pollution.
We want to be part of this "r-evolution", producing great products and working on innovation and R&D, contributing to the creation of a sustainable future.

See you there, our dear partners; we can't wait to make some little talks with all of you.

Ops, we are sorry.
We have to run.
Our flight is taking off!!!!


Welcome 2022

Dear Friends, colleagues, suppliers, and customers.

It's a pleasure to welcome this new year with all of you.

In 2021 for the first time, we kicked off the year with a video convention, in which we shared and set goals and objectives for the new year.

It helps us create a unique environment made by sharing, co-working e co-creation.


2021 has been a challenging year: the cost of prime materials, the pandemic, shipping issues, tons of video calls, and not so many possibilities to meet in person.

Many things forced us to find new and creative ways to drive the boat through rough water.

The big deal here is to evolve the attitude and the mentality of the people, striving for change and looking for new and unexplored possibilities.

For this reason, we fought for the acquisition of TM Tecnomatic, a leading Italian company in engineering and manufacturing flow & temperature devices; our primary goal is to become an end-to-end provider of measurement instrumentations.

We want to strengthen our global presence, engaging more distributors and customers worldwide.


As you may know, Terranova is a small factory in the middle of the Lombardy countryside with an ancient passion for engineering stuff and a fantastic story made by innovation, excellent product development, attention to detail, and precision.

A Creative Factory aimed to think and engineer the best measurement instruments, as I can say in a bounce of words.


We'd like to say thank you for trusting us, for investing in our project, and for being part of this great "movement."


Sergio Valletti

CEO of Terranova & Tecnomatic

Terranova Instruments acquires TM Tecnomatic, completing its product portfolio to increase its presence globally.

Terranova Dei Passerini, Italy (11 Jan 2022) Terranova Instruments – announces the acquisition of TM Tecnomatic, a leading company specialized in engineering, developing, and manufacturing flow and temperature measurement devices.

TM Tecnomatic was founded in 1962, and since then, it has been working to create innovative and excellent standard and customized products, maintaining a strong distinctive identity.

Thanks to this acquisition, Terranova Instruments enlarges the products portfolio, proposing to customers a holistic & dynamic approach for any typology of project.

"Our goal is to strengthen our presence globally with a great product portfolio," - says Sergio Valletti, CEO of the Group- "The idea is to become a trusted partner for our customers and distributors, and this is a further step that moves in that direction".

"Last year, Terranova Instruments worked on rebranding, creating an ecosystem of brand products to normalize our image and sales proposition" - Milena Valletti CMO - "The acquisition of Tecnomatic is another great step in our growing process. Terranova is the most relevant Italian manufacturing company for process instrumentation products, and we are proud to export our heritage and knowledge worldwide".


For more info, please visit our websites:


Contacts Details:

Sergio Valletti

CEO of Terranova Instruments & TM Tecnomatic FE

ADIPEC 2019 is over

ADIPEC 2019 is over and once again we concluded this experience with a satisfying attendance of audience and the knowledge of having been an operator of trust and reliability.

The TM Tecnomatic booth 13570, shared with the Local Representative, has been a focal point of discussions with the partners and the Clients to implement our business approach towards the market.

At the booth 13570 operators have been intrigued by our professionalism and engineering competences.

TM Tecnomatic has, once again, reaffirmed its market position and, at ADIPEC 2019, has still been recognized as first in class measurement solution provider.

TM Tecnomatic at ADIPEC 2019

TM Tecnomatic will not miss to attend ADIPEC 2019 exhibition also this year.
A special event which attract trade professionals, producers and oil & gas companies from all over the world aiming at sharing challenges and business opportunities.
You are invited to visit us at Stand 13570 Hall 13 to discover more about TM Tecnomatic

Waiting for you in ABU DHABI 11-14 November 2019

ADIPEC 2018 is over

ADIPEC 2018 is over, as usual it has been a big success in terms of visitor and exhibitors. TM Tecnomatic this year has been appreciated by many visitors for both the claim, “Our Roots, our Passion, our Genius”, and the new approach to flow reduction systems.
The TM Tecnomatic booth CN127 setup has implemented the claim by a multimedia and brochure mix enchanting the attendees for the beauty and the care of TM Tecnomatic "Roots-Passion-Genius" paradigm.
At the booth CN127 market operators have been intrigued too by the M-ROD prototype, put in a dedicated showcase, issued from a long cooperation with fluid-dynamics aerospace engineering department of Naples University.
M-ROD represents a new approach to flow reduction systems, potentially introducing a dramatic cost cut to specific and expensive flow reduction items to-day available on the market.
TM Tecnomatic has, once again,reaffirmed its market position and, at ADIPEC 2018, has still been recognized as first in class measurement solution provider.

TM Tecnomatic at ADIPEC 2018

As every year this year too TM Tecnomatic will be at ADIPEC.

For the first time the company has applied to the award context for both the  "BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECT OF THE YEAR" and "BREAKTHROUGH RESEARCH OF THE YEAR" categories.

Please come and visit us at stand CN127 CONCOURSE in order to discover our latest R&D projects and results.

Waiting for you in ABU DHABI.

Abu Dhabi Adipec 2017 report

The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) is one of the world’s most influential events for the oil and gas industry. As a premium exhibition platform ADIPEC enables professionals from around the world to do business and grow.

TM Tecnomatic attended to the exhibition with its own stand in the Italian pavilion, with recognition by the operators of the Oil & Gas market, for its high reliability and innovative know-how.

ADIPEC 2017: Abu Dhabi Petroleum Exhibition & Conference

Established in 1984, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference is a world-class business forum, where oil and gas professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business and identify solutions and strategies that will shape the industry for the years ahead.

ADIPEC has grown exponentially to become the world’s meeting point for oil and gas professionals. Today, over $9 billion of business is done during the exhibition, placing ADIPEC at the very heart of international business of the global energy sector. Over 100,000 trade professionals attend ADIPEC, while 900+ industry leading experts share their knowledge and understanding across the event’s expansive line-up of strategic and technical conference sessions.

TM Tecnomatic attended to the exhibition with its own stand in the Italian pavilion, with recognition by the operators of the Oil & Gas market, for its high reliability and innovative know-how.

ADIPEC 2016: Strategies for the new energy landscape

ADIPEC 2016, the most important exhibition in the Middle East, ended on November 10th,with attendance of audience and exhibitors in large numbers.

TM Tecnomatic’s Managing Director declares:

“Once again TM Tecnomatic attended to the exhibition with its own stand in the Italian pavilion, with recognition by the operators of the Oil & Gas market, for its high reliability and innovative know-how.”

IRAN Oil Show 2016

TM Tecnomatic attended the Iran International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition in Tehran, the mirror of Iran, that is hosting a large number of foreign companies. The show is among the most significant oil and gas events in the world in terms of the number of participants and its diversity and allows to embrace business relationship from all over the world.