Dear Friends, colleagues, suppliers, and customers.

It’s a pleasure to welcome this new year with all of you.

In 2021 for the first time, we kicked off the year with a video convention, in which we shared and set goals and objectives for the new year.

It helps us create a unique environment made by sharing, co-working e co-creation.


2021 has been a challenging year: the cost of prime materials, the pandemic, shipping issues, tons of video calls, and not so many possibilities to meet in person.

Many things forced us to find new and creative ways to drive the boat through rough water.

The big deal here is to evolve the attitude and the mentality of the people, striving for change and looking for new and unexplored possibilities.

For this reason, we fought for the acquisition of TM Tecnomatic, a leading Italian company in engineering and manufacturing flow & temperature devices; our primary goal is to become an end-to-end provider of measurement instrumentations.

We want to strengthen our global presence, engaging more distributors and customers worldwide.


As you may know, Terranova is a small factory in the middle of the Lombardy countryside with an ancient passion for engineering stuff and a fantastic story made by innovation, excellent product development, attention to detail, and precision.

A Creative Factory aimed to think and engineer the best measurement instruments, as I can say in a bounce of words.


We’d like to say thank you for trusting us, for investing in our project, and for being part of this great “movement.”


Sergio Valletti

CEO of Terranova & Tecnomatic